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Hockey Equipment Drying Stand

This drying stand helps reduce odour and keep hockey equipment dry between games. It can also be used for football equipment etc.

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Products used
  • 3/4” PVC Schedule 40 pipe and fittings 
  • 210’ lengths of ¾” PVC Schedule 40 pipe (total of cut lengths is 169”)
  • 290˚Elbows
  • 5Tees
  • 1Cross
  • 9Caps
  • 1Small can of clear PVC cement
  • Miter hand or power saw to ensure straight cuts
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • A tool/sandpaper to smooth or bevel the edges of the cut pipe

Cut the pipe into the following pieces:

  • 7at 7”
  • 4at 9”
  • 2at 12”
  • 2at 18”
  • 1at 24”

Assemble the pipe sections and elbows, tees, etc., according to drawings 1 and 2.

The rack will be more rigid if all joints are cemented but you may choose not to cement the tees for the feet to the two 18” uprights. That way you can remove the feet for easy storage.

  • helmet hangs on the middle vertical pipe
  • gloves slide over the upper vertical pipes
  • shoulder pads rest on the upper horizontal pipes
  • elbow pads are strapped around the upper 90˚ elbows
  • pants hang from the upper horizontal pipe
  • skates go upside-down on the lower vertical pipes
  • straps on shin pads loop around the lower vertical pipes
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