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Various types of plastic pipe and fittings are used in a wide variety of hobby and craft projects with PVC Schedule 40 and PVC solvent weld sewer pipe being the most popular. These materials are easily cut using simple hand tools and joined using solvent cement. With some practice, PVC pipe can be bent into different shapes to suit unique projects.

Hockey Equipment Drying Stand

This drying stand helps reduce odour and keep hockey equipment dry between games. It can also be used for football equipment etc.

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This is a fun summertime sprinkler that when attached to a garden hose, provides welcome relief from summer heat for kids and pets.

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Kayak rack

At home or the cottage, this simple PVC rack makes a handy spot to clean and secure kayaks or canoes. Made using PVC sewer pipe.

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Laptop holder

Keeps your laptop in an upright position out of the way. Great for small desks or to keep beside your favourite chair.

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